Thursday, December 4, 2008

Custom Made Paddle Gear in the US

For those that have considered a tuilik or akuilisaq, but have been put off by one thing or another, check out the new kid on the block:
Bug Head Tuiliks

Custom made gear to fit your requirements and size.

As an example, I never liked the tunnel on modern style sprayskirts, they restrict movement and rotation. But, I don't like the way an akuilisaq can implode when launching in surf.

So Bug Head made me an akuilisaq with a modern hard gripping bottom casing, the best of both worlds. It is very well made and more comfy than a sprayskirt.

They also have lighter neoprene tuiliks. Easier to paddle with as you don't have so much weight on your arms and you can hear much better with the hood on than a 3mm Brooks.

They make other items, some you may have not thought of before or some you may have wished somebody made.

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